Reference: C390148228

Brand: Opinel

Opinel N°12 Explore Vert

Sandvik Stainless Steel:Maintenance FacilityCorrosion resistors Polyamide handle with fibreglass:Shock resistance, extreme temperatures (-40 to +80 °C) and humidityBallless whistle with 110 dB power integrated into the handle

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Reference: 0847BLS-B

Brand: Buck

Buck 847BLS Vantage Force CPM-30V

Product characteristics Colour: blue Type of steel: Stainless steel Model blade: Drop Point Locking system: Linerlock Handle Description: Carbone / G10 Designer: Buck Hardness (Rc): 58.00 Length of blade (cm): 8.50 Handle length (cm): 11.00 Total length (cm): 19.50 Weight (grams): 130,00

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Reference: 32169

Brand: Rui / K25


Droits d'auteur ©  Conçu en Espagne  Marque: K25  Modèle: DEFCON 2  Manche: SFL  Lame: Acier inox (revêtu en titane)  Taille lame: 15 cm  Épaisseur lame: 5 mm  Taille totale: 27.7 cm  Étui en nylon 

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Reference: 161312

Brand: Puma Tec

Puma Tec

A good piece of Puma TEC. The belt knife is strong and useful. The 420 steel used for the blade is matt sanded and of course anti-rust. To ensure that the knife rests firmly in the hand, the handle is equipped with a hand protector. The sleeves are made of pretty sandal wood. Including leather case with belt passing.

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Reference: C3750020PH

Brand: Cold Steel

copy of Cold Steel 20PHZ Outdorsman Lite

Caractéristiques du produit  Couleur: noir  Type d'acier: Acier inoxidable allemand 4116  Modèle lame: lisse  Description de la poignée: Polypropylène et Kray-Ex  Cas: Secure-Ex  Concepteur: Cold Steel  Dureté (Rc): 56,00  Longueur de la lame (cm): 15,50  Longueur de la poignée (cm): 12.50  Longueur totale (cm): 28.00  Poids (grammes): 147.00 

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